Create Genero Archive

Create a Genero Archive (gar) file with default application configuration files and MANFEST file.

If you just need to create a simple archive for one or more applications or services, follow this procedure. MANIFEST file and configuration files are created automatically.

Before you begin: Make sure that all required files are in the root directory of your archive.

Create the Genero Archive (gar) file.
For example, at the command line type the following:
fglgar gar --application myApp.42r --service welcomeService.42m
Note: Each application needs to be specified with an --application option and each service with a --service option.
A Genero Archive (.gar) file is created that has the same name as your current directory. A MANIFEST file and configuration files are created automatically and included in the archive.
Important: If a MANIFEST file already exists when you run the command, errors will be raised.
What to do next

When you have created the archive in the above steps, your next task is to deploy the archive file on the GAS as detailed in Deploying and managing applications with GAR.