Deploy GBC client with Deployment App

Use this procedure when you need to deploy a customized Genero Browser Client on your Genero Application Server using the Genero Deployment App.

As a prerequisite, you have a compiled version of the GBC client in a zip file. For more information see the Genero Browser Client User Guide.

The Genero Deployment App provides you with a user interface to the action to deploy implemented by the gasadmin gbc command. The zip file is unpacked in the $(res.gbc.deployment) path, which resolves to the $(res.appdata.path)/gbc_deployment directory.
Tip: As an alternative to the Genero Deployment App, you can deploy the GBC using the gasadmin gbc command with the deploy option. For an example see Deploy GBC.
  1. Open the Genero deployment application.
    On a remote machine, you need to specify the appropriate URL for the server and port in your browser, for example:
  2. Select the Deploy > Genero Browser Clients ... menu.
  3. In the Manage Genero Browser Clients screen click the Deploy button.
  4. Use the dialog that opens to locate the client you wish to deploy.
    Note: It must be in a zip file.
    You can drag and drop your file into the dialog window. The new client is deployed and displayed in the list.
What to do next

If you wish to set this as the default client, see the procedure detailed in Set default GBC client with the Genero Deployment App.