Authorize re-log in with OpenID Connect SSO

Use this procedure to configure re-log in to a Genero application authenticated by OpenID Connect SSO after an auto logout event.

Note: The FGLGWS package provides a delegation Web service for SSO OpenID Connect that supports the PROMPT (for auto logout) feature. In the example the PROMPT is set to use this delegation service:
<PROMPT Timeout="60" Type="DELEGATE">services/OpenIDConnectServiceProvider</PROMPT>
  1. Add a DELEGATE element in your application configuration (xcf) file.
    This example shows the application configuration for delegation and the auto logout prompt feature.
    Note: Within the DELEGATE element, the GOOGLE_OPENID_PUBLIC_ID and GOOGLE_OPENID_SECRET_ID are values got when registering your GAS on Google developer console. For more information see Quick start: Set up OpenID Connect in the GAS.
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <APPLICATION Parent="defaultgwc" >
        <DELEGATE service="services/OpenIDConnectServiceProvider">
        <PROMPT Timeout="60" Type="DELEGATE">services/OpenIDConnectServiceProvider</PROMPT>
  2. Add a PROMPT element in the AUTO_LOGOUT element

    The delegation service represents the GAS's SSO OpenID Connect Service, which the user-agent will be redirected to when the user wants to re-log in. The Timeout represents the number of seconds the user-agent displays a screen or page to notify the user that a re-log in is required if he wants to continue.

    Once the user is authenticated by the service, the user-agent is redirected back to the GAS to resume the application.