Run the debugger for the GAS on the Windows platform

Debug an application by running the FGL debugger.

The dispatcher must open a DOS command or an xterm window and then run fglrun -d.

  1. In the GAS configuration file (default $FGLASDIR/etc/as.xcf):
    <RESOURCE Id="res.dvm.wa" Source="INTERNAL">
    <RESOURCE Id="res.dvm.wa" Source="INTERNAL">
    (Windows®) for example, where debug.bat contains cmd /K start cmd
  2. In the application configuration file, change the DVM availability timeout value to allow you time to type your debug commands.
    For example, change:
    This change allows you 60 seconds in which to type your debug commands.
  3. Restart the dispatcher.
    (The dispatcher must be restarted whenever you modify the application server configuration file in order for the changes to take effect.)
  4. Enter the application URL in your browser.
    This opens a shell window.
  5. Type the commands to run the application:

    fglrun -d test.42r <<< Opens the debugger tool and sets it on program test.42r.

    (fgldb)b test:20 <<< Sets a break point at line 20.

    (fgldb)run <<< Runs the application.

    This refreshes the browser.


    You can also run the dispatcher from the command line and override some of the settings for res.dvm.wa:

    httpdispatch -E res.dvm.wa="cmd /K start cmd" (Windows)