Configure GAS for OpenID Connect SSO

Configure the Genero Application Server for OpenID Connect Single sign-on (SSO).

  1. Create an account with an OpenID Connect provider that will provide authentication services for you, for example, see Configure OpenID Connect identity on Google.
  2. If the GAS is located behind a proxy, configure the proxy in the OpenID Connect FGLPROFILE file in $FGLDIR/web_utilities/services/openid-connect/res.
    Remove the comment and set the correct value for the entry called proxy.http.location and proxy.https.location.
  3. Start your dispatcher (if not behind a Web server).
Note: Genero OpenId Connect service requires HTTPS communication with the IdP. If needed, you may have to configure SSL and CA authority in the FGLPROFILE file. (See the Genero Business Development Language User Guide for details).

The GAS is ready to use OpenID Connect SSO to authenticate end users.