GAS 2.22 new features

A summary of new features and changes in functionality introduced with Genero Application Server (GAS) 2.22.

Important: This page covers only those new features introduced with the Genero Application Server version specified in the page title. Check prior new features pages if you migrate from an earlier version. Make sure to also read the upgrade guide corresponding to this Genero version.

Corresponding upgrade guide: GAS 2.22 upgrade guide.

Table 1. General
Overview Reference
Applications started by a StartMenu can be rendered in folder tabs. See Enable the StartMenu and applications in folder tabs in the Genero Application Server 2.22 User Guide.

Textedit with textFormat html display a toolbox with classic editing actions (bold, italic, fontsize, and so on). Local actions are also created so you can create your own action views (global toolbar, etc).

See Rich text editing in the Genero Application Server 2.22 User Guide.