IdP errors

Describes some common Genero Identity Provider (GIP) errors and how to resolve them.

Table 1. Errors when trying to connect to GIP ConsoleApp or DeploymentApp
Error type ldentityProviderService log message Resolution
GWS error ERROR : pid - [Server] "Request" -15575 An invalid or unsupported HTTP request was sent; therefore, the GAS disconnected the Web service program.
Endpoint error ERROR : pid - [Server] "CheckIdPConsistency" Detected idp.xml inconsistency between endpoint : 'http://x' and request : 'http://y' The URL in the request is incorrect.

For instance, this error is thrown when the URL in the request to the ConsoleApp is not the same as the URL registered by the StarterApp in the idp.xml file.

Authentication error [AuthenticationService] "DoLogin" Error sent: no application matching gid, gid=X Incorrect application name.
User scope error ACCESS : pid - [AuthenticationService] "CheckUserAuthorizationAndScopes" Authorization denied to user=1 for access to application=2 due to missing required scope=10 Check the user scopes in the ConsoleApp. See Manage users.