Troubleshoot GIP errors in logs

Problems can be caused by issues as diverse as service request errors, Web server errors, GAS errors, incorrect configurations, invalid tokens, or other issues. Use the GIP logs to try to isolate the problem and determine if it is an issue that you can resolve or one that needs the assistance of your local Four Js support center.

You need to have access to the GIP logs:

  1. Check the GIP logs for standard errors or error messages.

    It is recommended that you check your ldentityProviderService.log file first as it is the entry point for most IDP services. If there is any indication that there is an error, it will appear here. For examples of how to resolve some known errors. See IdP errors, Access service errors, and OIDC service errors.

  2. Check for HTTP and HTTPS errors. See HTTP errors in GAS logs and HTTPS errors.

    HTTP response codes indicate the success or failure of an API request.

  3. If nothing unusual is found, contact your local Four Js support center for assistance. If requested to send the logs, copy all the logs you have to a zip file and email it to your support contact. Typically these logs are needed:
    • appdata/log/*.log, where appdata refers to GAS application data directory.
    • Related dispatcher daily logs (dispatcher, proxy and vm) for the date the issue arose.