Dispatcher: fastcgidispatch

fastcgidispatch is the dispatcher for Apache Web servers supporting FastCgi protocol.

It can be started by the Web server or in command line. See FastCGI Installation and Web Server Configuration for more details.
Note: Fastcgidispatch is supported on UNIX™-like platforms only. While fastcgidispatch is known to work on Windows®, it is not recommended and is not supported. For Windows systems, the Genero Dispatcher: isapidispatch dedicated to the Internet Information Services (IIS) Web server is preferred.


fastcgidispatch [options]


Table 1. fastcgidispatch options
Option Description

-p directory

--as-directory directory

Specify the Genero Application Server directory.

-f configuration_file

--configuration-file configuration_file

Specify which configuration file to use when starting the Genero Application Server dispatcher. If not specified, the default configuration file, $FGLASDIR/etc/as.xcf, is used.

-E name=value

--resource-overwrite name=value

Overwrites the resource defined in the configuration file or creates a new one.


 -E res.dvm.wa=$FGLDIR/bin/myrun

If in the configuration file "res.dvm.wa" has another value it is now set to myrun. The final value is the one set in the option.



Start the fastcgi dispatcher in standalone mode, where the dispatcher is started prior to any actual request from an application or Web server. The Web server's FastCGI extension must be configured to connect to an external GAS.



Displays help information.



Displays version information.
--pid-file filename Write the dispatcher process-id to the specified file. The file is created. If the file exists, it is overwritten.

For information on restarting the fastcgidispatch, see Restarting fastcgidispatch without losing current sessions.