SSO custom sample (simplesso)

The Four Js Genero GitHub repository contains a demo of how to delegate the start of a Genero application to another service, in order to handle the authentication via a REST service.

If you are looking for source files, and examples, you are encouraged to download from the sample implementation of Single Sign On (SSO) that has been created for you. This example can be adapted for your own application needs.

It provides a sample implementation of Single Sign On (SSO) for Genero where the end user is required to enter a login and password. Once connected, the end user does not need to enter any credentials for 24 hours. There is also support for re-login after a time of inactivity.

As a demo, the session management is simple and sessions are managed via a SQLite database.

Important: On production sites, the security must be improved. Please consider the recommendations mentioned in the readme file in the download.