The ImportIdP program

Use the ImportIdP program to register a SAML identity provider.

With the Genero ImportIdP program, you can:
  • Register a new SAML identity provider (IdP) in the GAS for SAML Single sign-on (SSO).
  • Lists all registered IdPs
  • Remove the IdP identified by its URI.
To register a new IdP, you must execute the ImportIdP program with the --import option and the IdP's metadata file or URL. Using a URL can require a proxy configuration in the FGLPROFILE file.

The ImportIdP.4gl source code is provided in $FGLDIR/web_utilities/services/saml/src, and the compiled version is in the bin directory.


fglrun ImportIdP [ options ] { url | file }
  1. options are described in Table 1.
  2. url is the URL of a SAML identity provider.
  3. file is the metadata file of a SAML identity provider.
Note: The ImportIdP tool command line follows the convention of other Genero command line tools for both short and long versions of options.
Table 1. ImportIdP options
Option Description Usage example
-h, --help Display help with the command fglrun ImportIdP -h
-i, --import Import the IdP specified by the URL or metadata file and register it in the database for SAML. See Import option usage example.
-l, --list List all registered IdPs in the database. fglrun ImportIdP -l
-r, --remove Remove the registered entry for the specified IdP from the database. fglrun ImportIdP -r http[s]://host:port/saml/jsp/myIdPMetadata.jsp
-N, --NameIDFormat List IdPs in the database that support a specified name identifier (NameID Format). fglrun ImportIdP -N

Import option usage example

To register a SAML IdP, you must execute the ImportIdP program with the --import option. The command is:
fglrun ImportIdP --import http[s]://host:port/saml/jsp/myIdPMetadata.jsp

Where the IdP metadata file or URL is a mandatory parameter.