Predefined resources overview

This topic describes the syntax used in the GAS configuration file for predefined resources (i.e. variables). .

While most resources are defined in the GAS configuration file, predefined resources can not be explicitly defined as they are automatically replaced depending on the path of the application you are executing. Therefore, in order that they are available for use, they are predefined as resources using an XML tagging mechanism, which is described in this topic.

Syntax 1

  1. resource-name is the name of a resource defined in the GAS configuration file.

Syntax 2

<tag gwc:tpl-attribute="tpl-value" [...]>...</tag>
  1. tag is an HTML tag.
  2. tpl-attribute is an attribute.
  3. tpl-value is the value of the attribute.

Usage example

For example, we can define the path to an application's web component directory as follows: