Application URL not decoding

If the application URL does not decode correctly, examine the Apache configuration for mod_proxy_fcgi.

There is a known Apache bug (bug 55329) that prevents mod_proxy_fcgi decoding application URLs with spaces or special characters correctly, which may cause this issue. This bug prevents, for example, applications with URLs like "http://server/gas/wa/r/test/220%2012", from working. This bug has been fixed for Apache 2.4.11.

Check the version of Apache you have:
  • If you are using Apache 2.4.11 or later check that the Apache proxy-fcgi-pathinfo configuration is set:
    SetEnvIf Request_URI . proxy-fcgi-pathinfo=unescape
    For more details, see Apache 2.4: mod_proxy_fcgi or Apache 2.4: Configure mod_proxy_fcgi for remote server.
  • If you are using a version of Apache prior to 2.4.11, as the Genero BDL developer you need to be aware that you can get spaces encoded in URLs and need to handle these in your program code. It is recommended that you decode URLs before using them.