Migrating to the snippet-based rendering engine

To take full advantage of the snippet-based rendering engine, you must follow the procedures outlined in this manual, regardless of whether or not you have previously deployed your application using the pre-2.10 GWC.

If you have previously deployed the application with the pre-2.10 GWC, ensure you revisit the following:

  • Customization includes presentation styles and snippet sets; previous customization of the template files are no longer valid with the snippet-based rendering engine. Customization previously implemented using JavaScript will likely be implemented using HTML.
  • The limitations of the GWC prior to 2.10 included lack of accelerator key support, StartMenus, ProgressBars, ON IDLE, StatusBars, and Genero Presentation Styles. You may have modified your application to work around these limitations. (Please see the topic, Features and limitations, in the Genero Application Server 2.10 User Guide.)
Note: Links to pages made obsolete by more current releases have been removed from this page. If you are migrating to GWC 2.10, we recommend you use the documentation released with version 2.10.