Configuring mod_fastcgi for external GAS

Configure fastCGI for external GAS with the mod_fastcgi module configuration.

If you have GAS on an external server, you must configure mod_fastcgi in your Apache configuration for this. In your Apache configuration file (for example, httpd.conf):
  • Check that the load module directive for mod_fastcgi is enabled. The hash symbol (#) must be removed from the start of the line. Be aware that your configuration may be different to that shown in the example.
  • Add the lines to configure fastcgi on the external GAS.
LoadModule fastcgi_module /usr/lib/apache2/modules/

<IfModule fastcgi_module>
  FastCgiExternalServer /gas -idle-timeout 300 -host <gas-server-ip>:<gas-server-port>
  Alias /gas /gas
  • "-idle-timeout" must be greater than REQUEST_RESULT timeout in GAS configuration. [By default: REQUEST_RESULT : 240 seconds, mod_fastcgi -idle-timeout : 300 seconds]
  • /gas directory is just a virtual directory, no need to create one.
For more information see the Apache: mod_fastcgi topic in the Genero Application Server User Guide version 2.30