Legacy connectors installation

Such an architecture is no longer recommended. It is provided to ease the migration to 2.20. The installation of the connector assumes that you have the rights to install the product in the web server directories.

To install the legacy connectors:

  • On IIS, you have to create a virtual directory named "gas" for example and assign execution permission to this virtual directory
  • On Apache, configure your own ScriptAlias named "gas" for example or use the default ScriptAlias directory "/cgi-bin/".
  • Then copy the content of $FGLASDIR/legacy_connectors to the directory.
Validate the installation by accessing demo program with a URL like:
http://myWebServer/gas/fglcisapi.dll/ua/r/gwc-demo (with IIS)
http://myWebServer/gas/fglccgi.exe/ua/r/gwc-demo   (with Apache)

If you encounter any issues or need to configure connector.xcf, please refer to GAS manual prior to 2.20.