For web applications, the timeout configuration has moved from APPLICATION/TIMEOUT to APPLICATION/OUTPUT/MAP/TIMEOUT.

See TIMEOUT configuration for more details.

Session Variables and Cookies

The cookie configuration has moved from APPLICATION/OUTPUT/MAP to APPLICATION/OUTPUT.

Blob URLs

If you are using blob URLs (Note: for more information please see the Template Paths - Document hierarchy topic in the Genero Application Server 2.20 User Guide), beginning with 2.20, you need to allow the access to the resources, by default the access is disabled. See WEB_APPLICATION_EXECUTION_COMPONENT for more details.

DVM ping timeout

Since 2.20.09, the DVM ping timeout, is configurable. See the DVM_PINGTIMEOUT element topic in the Genero Application Server 2.20 User Guide.

Error document

INTERFACE_TO_CONNECTOR/ERROR_DOCUMENT is no longer available. This should now be configured and handled by the Web server.