The Genero Application Server and IIS

The Internet Information Services (IIS) is configured with a GAS ISAPI Extension. A virtual directory is created for the GAS on the IIS's "Default Web Site". This configuration is shown for different versions of IIS.

The Genero Application Server (GAS) has a special ISAPI extension DLL (isapidispatch.dll) that functions as a dispatcher. It is loaded directly by an IIS worker process. The IIS sees this as a script engine or application enabled to handle requests to a virtual directory bound to the GAS.

As the GAS is therefore embedded within the Microsoft® IIS Web server this improves performance and allows administration of the server with IIS tools.

Note: The GAS must already be installed in a directory reachable by IIS. The GAS installation directory is referenced as FGLASDIR. See the Install and License your Genero Products manual.

For further details about IIS, see the IIS documentation for your installation. For example, see IIS 6.0 Operations Guide or Learn IIS.