Web service invalidation

The Web service invalidation feature identifies an invalid Web service configuration and informs the user agent with an HTTP error and message. Once identified, the invalid configuration must be corrected; in some instances, the Genero Application Server will need to be restarted.

Note: This feature is only supported for Genero Web services. It is not supported for Genero Desktop Client or Genero Web Client applications.

Web service invalid configuration - HTTP error 503

A Web service is typically an automated process, called on behalf of a user or process. Services requests can fail when:
  • A Web service has an invalid configuration.
  • The gwsproxy cannot start the DVM within DVM_AVAILABLE time. This can happen because of the invalid configuration or because of some other system error.

When a Web service fails to start, this feature prevents requests from failing forever. If the service (gwsproxy) can not start within DVM_AVAILABLE time, it informs the dispatcher to stop trying.

The next time a request is received for that Web service, the dispatcher remembers that the gwsproxy for the Web service cannot be started and sends a 503 HTTP service unavailable status to the user agent.

The first time a service is not able to start, this message is returned:

Application or service has been stopped due to a fatal error.
Any new request returns this message until the configuration is modified and corrected:
Bad configuration prevents application or service to start.

Troubleshoot error 503

To resolve an HTTP 503 error:
  1. Check for invalid configuration files for Web services in the GAS using the monitor URL.
  2. Review the invalid configuration file to find and fix the error.
    Tip: If you can not find an error, you can still try to restart the service by updating the configuration file's (xcf) time stamp. The proxy recognizes the update as a change in the configuration, and will attempt to start it. At the command line, type the command for your system:
    • Linux┬«
      touch filename.xcf
    • Windows┬«
      copy /b filename.xcf +,,
  3. If further assistance is required, contact your local Four Js support center. If requested to send the GAS logs, copy the logs for the date the issue arose to a zip file and email it to your support contact. Typically these logs are needed:
    • appdata/log/*.log.
    • Related dispatcher daily logs (dispatcher, proxy, and vm) for the date the issue arose.

Restarting a Web service after reconfiguration

If the service is configured in the Genero Application Server configuration file, you must restart the Genero Application Server.

If the service is configured in an external application configuration file (xcf), the configuration is reloaded each time it is modified. You do not need to restart the Genero Application Server.