Configure GRE in distributed mode on remote machine

If you are running the Genero Report Engine (GRE) daemon on a different machine than the DVM, you must configure the REPORT_REMOTE_URL_PREFIX with the URL of the remote server.

In the INTERFACE_TO_CONNECTOR configuration element in the GAS configuration file (as.xcf), specify a REPORT_REMOTE_URL_PREFIX element and set the URL of the GRE:
The GAS provides three URLs with the report-r prefix to locate the Genero Report Viewer for HTML5 and resources.
Note: The URL prefix used is report-r as distinct from report used in GRE in distributed mode locally. The use of the viewer, private and public URL prefixes are the same as those used for local reports.
  • $(connector.uri)/ua/report-r/viewer
  • $(connector.uri)/ua/report-r/public
  • $(connector.uri)/ua/report-r/private/$(

The GAS proxies these URLs on the remote server, adding first the URL of the server specified in the REPORT_REMOTE_URL_PREFIX in the application configuration file.

The $(connector.uri) is provided by the GAS. This will vary as it is implementation dependent. In our example it is "viewer":

Get private resources for report in distributed mode

When the GAS receives a request for a resource with a URL with report-r, this indicates that the GRE is operating in distributed mode on another server. For example:

The GAS will proxy the request to the configured server using the URL specified in the REPORT_REMOTE_URL_PREFIX in the application configuration file (xcf), for example like this:


GAS end of session notification
Note: At the end of the session the GAS will send an HTTP request to the remote host to notify that the session has ended for the purpose of deleting the private data associated with the session identifier.
DELETE /reports/delete/ebf19aba4d09e80cd19cfea7868a9a2a 
The GAS provides several environment variables to the started application. With these the GAS is able to access the GRE, and provide applications with the public and private resources that are configured for reports.
Important: Resources must be located in the associated public and private directories on the remote server.
Table 1. Environment variables dedicated to GRE in distributed mode
Variable Description Example Values
GRE_REPORT_VIEWER_R_URL_PREFIX URL of the server where the GRE daemon is running.
GRE_PUBLIC_R_URL_PREFIX Public resource directory
GRE_PRIVATE_R_DIR Private resource directory.
GRE_PUBLIC_R_DIR Private URL prefix