GIP log files

When you run an application, the Genero Identity Provider (GIP) writes messages to log files. These log files can assist in troubleshooting GIP issues.

Important: Sensitive and personal data may be written to the output. Make sure that the log output is written to files that can only be read by administrators, and review the management strategy for log files.

Each GIP component writes its messages to its own log file. Requests for services can involve multiple components, and the messages may be logged in one or more logs.

You can access log files in the appdata/log directory, where appdata refers to GAS application data directory. To learn about the appdata directory (to include where to find it), see GAS installation and application data directories.

The log files include:

Logs messages generated by the GIP ConsoleApp or DeploymentApp.
Logs messages generated by the deployment service.
Logs messages generated by the Genero identity provider service. This includes requests for authentication (SSO), and authorization (user permissions to open apps).
Logs messages generated by requests for the OpenID Connect delegation service.
Logs messages generated by the profile service.
Logs messages generated by the registration service.