Get application session id

When you want to find the DVM and proxy logs to troubleshoot an application, use this information to locate the session identifier representing the GAS session.

Session id

The session id represents an identifier that uniquely identifies a GAS session for an application or Web service. For example, this long string "96c9ce0ded72135ddf43ad421a2d87b9" is the session id of an application running in the GAS. Knowing the session id for the application allows you to locate the relevant proxy and DVM logs for the session when troubleshooting or debugging. The different ways you can identify and locate the session id are discussed next.

Identify a session ID in a log

The example application URL shows the session id in a dispatcher log entry:
... "Incoming request" /ua/sua/7e26fadb0c9f6939c65702fc9a1ff2a4?appId=0&pageId=1 
The session id is the string, 7e26fadb0c9f6939c65702fc9a1ff2a4.

Locate an application's session ID

When in development mode, the default application ended page for a Genero Browser Client (GBC) Web application displays the session id. For more information, see the Genero Browser Client User Guide. You can also find the session id in the application URL of the monitor page.

Session ID not available

Once the application ends, the session id is no longer available in the GUI. Or if the application fails to start, there may be no session id.

In these cases, you can only consult the logs. Usually you have a unique session log for the same period as when the session ended.