Deploy and secure an archive with the Genero Deployment App

There are options for securing applications, depending on whether you are securing using the Genero Identity Provider or a third party IdP.

Typically, security is managed by the Genero Identity Provider (GIP). You must secure the gar file using the Genero Deployment App. For an example of deploying and securing applications, follow the procedure described in Deploy and secure an application using the Genero Deployment App.

When securing an application using a third party Identity Provider (IdP), such as Google, this is not managed by the Genero Deployment App. See the procedures described in the section How to implement Single sign-on (SSO).

Why use Genero Deployment App instead of gasadmin?

Securing and unsecuring applications can only be performed by the Genero Deployment App using the GIP. Security can not be performed by the gasadmin command tool.

In most other respects the Genero Deployment App provides the sames services as the gasadmin command line tool because actually, the Genero Deployment App executes the gasadmin on server side via a REST service.

For example, details of all applications and services that are deployed and/or secured in the application server can be viewed using either the Genero Deployment App, or the gasadmin tool.

If a gar is deployed via gasadmin, it will appear in the Genero Deployment App interface, and vice versa. See List all deployed archives.