Deploy an archive

When you deploy an archive on a Genero Application Server, the applications and services referenced in the archive are placed on the host, but are not yet available to users.

Deploy options

On your GAS installation use one of the following methods:
  • The Genero Deployment App to deploy and secure applications with Genero Identity Provider (GIP).
  • The gasadmin command line tool. You can use it to deploy applications on a local GAS installation.
  • The DeployGar tool. This allows you to manage applications on both local and remote servers. Commands can be included in a script file. See Automatize application deployment via scripts.

Genero Deployment Application

Before you can use the Genero Deployment App, you need to configure and enable the Genero Identity Provider (GIP) on your GAS. You use the StarterApp to perform the installation of the GIP. The Genero Deployment App utilizes the Deployment Service. You must select these components in your GIP configuration at the time of installation. For further details, see Setting up the Genero Identity Provider.

Figure: Genero Deployment Application user interface

Genero Deployment App for managing GBC client and Genero Archives applications and services in the GAS.
By default, only users with the GIP Role.Admin authorization scope can access the DeploymentApp. Access to the application needs to be provided by your GIP administrator for other users. For more information see Managing GIP components with the Genero Console App. To access the application:
  • From the URL http://host:port/ua/r/admin/DeploymentApp.
  • From a link on the Demos page at http://host:port/demos.html.
Warning: Any URL used with the GIP must contain a valid hostname; it cannot contain "localhost". The GIP uses cookies, and cookies do not work well with "localhost".