Why does my application not work with fastcgi?

Incorrect fastcgi configurations and/or user permissions on directories and files are some of the most common reasons your application fails with fastcgi.

Your fastcgi might be misconfigured or does not have the right permissions.

To debug, add these lines in your $FGLASDIR/bin/wrapper.fcgi:
echo $FGLASDIR >> /work/tmp/log.txt
ls -al $FGLASDIR >> /work/tmp/log.txt
strace -f -F -tt -s 3000 "$FGLASDIR"/bin/fastcgidispatch >> /work/tmp/log.txt 2>&1

log.txt shows the system calls. Most of the time, you can see "permission denied" on some directories or files.

If you do not find any clues, please contact your local support center with log.txt attached.