Sun Java System Web Server 7.0

SunĀ® Web Server 7 has integrated FastCGI support.

Note: Assume the Genero Application Server is installed in the following directory (FGLASDIR): /opt/gas. Make the appropriate substitution for the FGLASDIR when applying these examples to your own configuration.

For more information, search for documentation on "FastCGI Plug-in" provided by

Enable FastCGI Plug-in

Add this line to your magnus.conf configuration file:
Init fn="load-modules" shlib=""

FastCGI Plug-in configuration to manage GAS

Add these lines in your obj.conf configuration file:
<Object name="default">
  NameTrans fn="assign-name" from="/gas/*" name="gas.config"

<Object name="gas.config">
  Service fn="responder-fastcgi" app-env="FGLASDIR=/opt/gas" 
  app-path="/opt/gas/bin/wrapper.fcgi" reuse-connection="true" 
  resp-timeout="300" restart-interval="0"

The resp-timeout must be greater than the REQUEST_RESULT timeout in the GAS configuration.