Docker scripts

You can use scripts to help you work with Genero GAS docker images.

Sample scripts are available from the FourjsGenero docker_debian_fgl_gas GitHub repository. Table 1 lists the contents of the GitHub repository and describes the function of each file and script.

The scripts (.sh) allow you to work with a DebianĀ® image to create a docker container running Genero Application Server (GAS) with Apache Web server. For more information on using the scripts, see the file, or follow the procedures in the Docker Quick Start Guide. You are encouraged to customize the scripts to your needs.

Table 1. Docker Debian files
File Description This file contains the steps to guide you through the process of creating a docker image and running Genero GAS in a docker container. This script file contains the commands needed to start Apache Web server and the GAS fastcgidispatch dispatcher that runs automatically when the container starts. This short script file contains the command to run the docker container.
Dockerfile The Dockerfile contains the commands needed to get the latest updates to build the Debian image, and install the GAS and FGLGWS. The user ("genero") and group ("fourjs") are added. Settings for the Apache Web server are provided with login details for the genero user. This script builds the docker image with the FGLGWS and GAS package installation files. It provides the commands to set up the environment for GAS and Apache Web server.
000-default.conf This file contains Apache Web server configuration settings for the GAS.