Configure delegation for application or service

To delegate the start of an application or service to the Genero REST service, specify a DELEGATE element in the EXECUTION component of your application or service.

The DELEGATE element requires an attribute called service. For the service attribute, specify the Genero REST service that will be in charge of all delegated requests for the application or service. The REST service must be correctly configured in the Genero Application Server.

You can define optional parameters for the REST service to be sent each time a starting request is received. No validation is made for these optional parameters, the REST service must check them and return an error when necessary.

Note: A starting request is a URL with /r. When you see an application URI with /sua, the application has been validated and the delegation REST service is no longer involved.

Delegate configuration example

<APPLICATION Parent="defaultwa"
    <DELEGATE service="MyGroup/MyDelegateService">

Parameters defined in the DELEGATE configuration, such as anyparameter and other in this example, are transmitted to the REST service. See Pass parameters to the REST service for details on the HTTP header syntax and receiving the parameters in the REST service.

Important: Some Web servers convert all HTTP header names to lowercase. For example, a parameter called AnyParameter in the configuration, in the header may become:

Therefore, it is not recommended to rely on case in the naming of parameters as there is no guarantee that it will be preserved. When working with HTTP headers in your Genero program code, make sure you allow for this by converting them to either upper or lower case.