Error taking session ownership

Here are some basic troubleshooting procedures to follow to help solve problems with GAS session ownership.

An error message is displayed in the dispatch logs when the GAS fails to take ownership of the session:

Failed to update the session lock file: 
Failed to take session ownership
These are some things that should help you isolate the problem:
  • Did you start the GAS using a different account to the one you used the last time? If so, check that the new account has permission to access the session.owner file. To resolve, set the appropriate permissions to the file.
  • Have permissions been granted to create the session.owner file? To resolve, set the appropriate permissions to the session directory.
  • Does your GAS have a multiple dispatcher configuration, and if so, is this the only GAS using this session directory? Check in the configuration file (xcf) of each GAS to ensure they are not starting with the same configuration for the session directories.

    To resolve, make sure there are different configuration settings for the appdata/session directory resources. For more information see Why do my applications fail using multiple dispatchers?.