Re-login prompt

The auto-logout prompt feature allows a Genero application to prompt a user to re log in to the application after an auto-logout event. This feature is configured in the AUTO-LOGOUT element and does not require a change in your existing Genero BDL code.

When an AUTO_LOGOUT event is triggered, the user-agent displays a screen or page to notify the user that a re-login is required if the user wants to continue.

If the user clicks on the re-login button, the user agent is redirected to a URL specified in the PROMPT configuration element where the user's credentials are checked.

Once the user is authenticated by the service, the user-agent is redirected back to the GAS to resume the application.

If nothing is done during the Timeout defined by the PROMPT, the application ends.

Note: The re-login prompt feature is supported on the GBC (starting from version GBC 1.00.38). It is not supported on Genero Mobile front-ends (GMA, GMI), and the Genero Desktop Client (GDC). If used, an HTTP 410 error page is displayed.