The UA_OUTPUT_COMPONENT element sets configuration for UA_OUTPUT that define settings for an application delivered by the UA proxy.


<UA_OUTPUT_COMPONENT Id=component-id >
Attributes for this element include:
  1. component-id is the unique identifier for this set of UA definitions.

Child elements

The UA_OUTPUT_COMPONENT element may contain the following child elements:

  1. One PROXY (for an application) element.
  2. One PUBLIC_IMAGEPATH element.
  3. Zero or one TIMEOUT (for an application) element.
  4. Zero or one GBC element.
  5. Zero or one GDC_SHORTCUT element.


You use this element to provide your application with a base set of UA parameters. UA components provide instructions on the resources used by the application; such as the proxy, the GBC, timeouts, or path to public images, and so on.

This element is defined within the COMPONENT_LIST element of the GAS configuration file.

Example GAS UA component definition

<UA_OUTPUT_COMPONENT Id="cpn.wa.output">
   <TIMEOUT Using="cpn.wa.timeout"/>
The UA_OUTPUT element of the default web application (defaultwa) is defined using this component.
<APPLICATION Id="defaultwa" Abstract="TRUE">
    <EXECUTION Using="cpn.wa.execution.local"/>
    <AUTO_LOGOUT Using="cpn.wa.autologout"/>
    <UA_OUTPUT Using="cpn.wa.output"/>

Sample application xcf

This example shows a typical external application configuration. The default Web application configuration Parent="defaultwa" is referenced in the APPLICATION element. Through this the application inherits an implicit set of default UA resources for the application.

The only elements explicitly defined for the UA_OUTPUT element is <GBC>mygbc</GBC> . This specifies a specific GBC that overrides the inherited one.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<APPLICATION xmlns:xsi="" Parent="defaultwa" 
  <RESOURCE Id="res.public.webcomponents" Source="INTERNAL">deployment/$(res.deployment.basename)</RESOURCE>
  <RESOURCE Id="res.public.resources" Source="INTERNAL">deployment/$(res.deployment.basename)
  <RESOURCE Id="res.deployment.basename" Source="INTERNAL">ggc-quick-start</RESOURCE>
  <RESOURCE Id="res.deployment.path" Source="INTERNAL">$(res.deployment.root)/$(</RESOURCE>
  <RESOURCE Id="" Source="INTERNAL">ggc-quick-start-20181019-101007</RESOURCE>
  <EXECUTION AllowUnsafeSession="TRUE">

Parent elements

This element is a child of the COMPONENT_LIST element.