ROOT_URL_PREFIX (deprecated)

The ROOT_URL_PREFIX element specifies the URL to access the Web server when a reverse proxy server is used between the client and the GAS.


Warning: Starting with version 4.00, this element is deprecated. The GAS now supports use of the HTTP X-Forwarded headers (protocol, host, and port) to get the URL used by the GAS when a reverse proxy server is used. If you have previously used ROOT_URL_PREFIX to get the URL, it is recommended to use the X-Forwarded headers instead.
  1. url specifies the URL to access the Web server behind the proxy.

Child elements

There are no child elements.


You use the ROOT_URL_PREFIX to override the URLs generated by the Web server and construct them using this prefix value instead.
Note: The reverse proxy server works on behalf of the Application server. The Web client is not aware of the proxy and does not know or see what server it is being forwarded to behind the proxy. In this case, the Web server uses the ROOT_URL_PREFIX, which provides the correct interface to the client.

Example usage

  • Where a reverse proxy server (for example, server A) is forwarding requests to the GAS on serverB.
  • Where "gas" specifies the connector.uri part of the URI; typically this is the same as connector.uri acknowledged by the GAS for the dispatcher specific to that Web server.
Note: If ROOT_URL_PREFIX is defined and is empty, it behaves as if not defined.

Parent elements

This element is a child of INTERFACE_TO_CONNECTOR.