The DVM_AVAILABLE element specifies a timeout (in seconds) that the Genero Application Server allows for the DVM to start.


  1. seconds specifies in seconds the time allowed for the DVM to start. If not specified, the default time out is 10 seconds.

Child elements

There are no child elements.


You use this element to configure a timeout mechanism to handle the failure of the DVM to start. If the DVM has not started by the time the DVM_AVAILABLE timeout expires, the GAS sends an error message to the front-end and logs the message: DVM_AVAILABLE timeout expired

In this usage example, the DVM available timeout is set to 10 seconds.

Web applications

When used as a child of the WEB_APPLICATION_TIMEOUT_COMPONENT element, the DVM_AVAILABLE timeout is only applicable when you start an application or you launch a sub process in interactive mode (IN LINE MODE). If you run the sub process in the background (IN FORM MODE), the DVM_AVAILABLE timeout is not applicable.

Web services

For a Web service, as there is no concept of a front-end an error message is therefore not sent. In addition, a Web service is not expected to perform RUN commands with new DVMs connecting by themselves.

Parent elements