HTTP (Dedicated)

The HTTP defines an element for custom headers in the configuration files for applications and services.


    [<HEADER Name="header-name">header-value</HEADER>][...]
The HTTP element must be set as the last element in the APPLICATION element.

Child elements

The HTTP element may contain the following child elements:


Use the HTTP element to define custom HTTP headers for an application or service. This element is only valid in external application configuration files.


      <HEADER Name="Header_1">Hello</HEADER>
      <HEADER Name="Header_2">World</HEADER>
      <HEADER Name="Header_3">How</HEADER>
      <HEADER Name="Header_4">Are</HEADER>
      <HEADER Name="Header_5">You</HEADER>

Parent elements

This element is a child of APPLICATION (for an application) or APPLICATION (for a service)