What if the application doesn't start?

There are several reasons why an application does not start. Here are some basic troubleshooting procedures to follow as a standard approach to solving problems.

  1. Check the application configuration (xcf) file - to ensure that all components are set properly.
  2. The Genero Application Server creates separate log files for its dispatchers, proxies, and the DVMs started by those proxies. Examine the logs as they may provide you with some helpful information or error messages.
  3. Check your environment variables in $FGLASDIR/etc/as.xcf.
    Tip: You can get messages for the environment in the GAS log by setting the CATEGORIES_FILTER category filter to CONFIGURATION.
  4. You may need to run the application in debug mode using the FGL debugger.

    To run the FGL debugger, the dispatcher must open a DOS command or an xterm window so that you can run the application with the fglrun -d command. For example, on Windows® platform, start the dispatcher with the command to open a DOS window and override some of the settings for res.dvm.wa:

    httpdispatch -E res.dvm.wa="cmd /K start cmd"

    Before the application displays in the Web browser, a command window will open with all environment settings for that application. You can then manually run your application in debug mode, for example with fglrun -d progname to enter the command-line debugger (fgldb). The application will then display in the Web browser. See Using the debugger.

    • You can use the graphical debugger in Genero Studio. For more information, see the Genero Studio User Guide.
    • The debug facility of the Genero Desktop Client includes logging and the debug console. For more information on using the GDC debug facility, see the Genero Desktop Client User Guide.
    • For details about debugging Genero Browser Client (GBC) applications, see Configure the GBC development environment.

When you receive the Error: Runtime error. Try again ... page

Simply put, your application cannot start and you must check your application configuration. This error is typically the result of an incorrect path to the program executable.