Access demo applications with the Genero Browser Client

If you are looking for code snippets and examples, you are encouraged to view the demo programs included with the Genero Application Server.

The demos configuration in the GAS

The demos application is defined in the GAS configuration file with an Id of gwc-demo
<!--Sample application for GWC-->
      <APPLICATION Id="gwc-demo" Parent="defaultwa">
Note: By default, access to the demos applications is allowed only to localhost ( If you want to enable it for other client machines / IP addresses, you must define access in the ACCESS_CONTROL element.

Accessing the demos from GBC user interface

To access the GAS gwc-demo application, you can use the Genero Browser Client user interface. See the Genero Browser Client User Guide. Or you can enter this URL:

From this page, you can click on the Genero demos link to open the demos application. The GAS must be running (standalone) or must be integrated with a Web server and able to start the required proxies and DVMs.

Accessing the demos directly with URL

You can access the demos application directly by entering the following URL: