FLM 6.00 upgrade guide

These topics describe product changes you must be aware of when upgrading to version 6.00.

Important: This is an incremental upgrade guide that covers only topics related to the Genero License version specified in the page title. Check prior upgrade guides if you migrate from an earlier version, and complete the migration tasks for all versions between your existing version and the target version in order. Make sure to also read about the new features for this version.

The Four Js License Manager (FLM) version 6.00 and License Controller (fglWrt, greWrt) version 6.00 is compatible with Genero product version 4.00 and greater. You will need to upgrade the license controllers for product version 3.20 to use FLM 6.00, see Configure compatibility for Genero 3.20.

Summary of changes from FLM version 5.20 to 6.00

The following is a list of changes that you need to be aware of when moving to the new version.

Genero products supported by FLM 6.00
  • FLM 6.00 supports licensing of Genero Business Development Language (BDL).
  • FLM 6.00 supports licensing of Genero Report Engine.
  • Support for licensing of Genero Report Writer for Java, C#, PhP is under development.
FLM configuration file renamed
The FLM configuration file lmprofile is renamed to flmprofile. See Configure the License Manager.
FLM configuration file format
The flmprofile file is written in INI format. See Example: flmprofile. The file has no extension.
Default host
The FLM 6.00 server host configuration defaults to "localhost". FLM 5.20 does not support a default host.
License controller configuration files
Dedicated license controller configuration files replace the licensing sections previously available in the profile files (fglprofile, greprofile).
  • FGLGWS licensing is configured by the file $FGLDIR/etc/fgllicense
  • Genero Report Engine licensing is configured by the file $GREDIR/etc/grelicense
See Configure the Genero product license controller.

Only add the license number in the configuration. The license key is not required in FLM 6.00.

License controller configuration file format
The license controller configuration file (for example, $FGLDIR/etc/fgllicense) is written in INI format. See Example: fgllicense. The INI file syntax replaces the flm.* entries in the fglprofile file used in earlier versions of FLM.
Port changes
FML 6.00 service listens on port 6800. FLM 5.20 service listens on port 6399
Logging mechanism
The logging mechanism has enhancements and changes to how it is configured. The method for rotating log files is new in FLM 6.00 and is specified with the maxsize and maxfiles options of the configuration (FLM logs only).

The events recorded in logs is simplified to include these categories; error, warning, info, and debug.

License controller log file names have changed. The wrt-<timestamp>.log file format is no longer used. Log file names correspond to your Genero product license controller:
  • fglWrt: fglwrt.log
  • greWrt: grewrt.log
  • If you enable the debug category, additional files will appear with the extension .dlog. These may be requested by support if you encounter issues.
The FLM tools generates two distinct log files:
  • flmprg.log is the log created by the flmprg command.
  • flmprgd.log is the FLM daemon log file. This log file is affected by rotation.
For more information, see Log files and debugging.
Setting the environment

Environment variables that provide the path to license controller configuration files are new in version 6.00. These correspond to your Genero product installations. For example FGLLICENSE defines the path for the licensing configuration file for FGLGWS. See Set license environment.

These logging environment variables do not exist in version 6.00, instead logging is enabled in the license controller configuration file: