Troubleshoot license issues

You may become aware of licensing issues when using Genero products via messages output from the Dynamic Virtual Machine (DVM).

Licensing errors

Error messages that you see in the DVM output views about licensing are generally self-explanatory, detailing the specific cause. For example,
SYS ERROR(-6054,2):No such file or directory

Cannot read a license file.
Check installation path and your environment.
Verify if a license is installed.
You will find additional information about licensing related errors in the Genero Business Development Language User Guide, chapter "Genero BDL errors". Errors with numbers in the range 6001 to 6200 describe known and common licensing errors. You will find additional information about the action you need to take to resolve a particular error.

License logs

To troubleshoot licensing issues, you may have to activate a logging feature. If you are using a license controller (fglWrt, greWrt, or grxWrt) for license management, the log feature is configured in the Genero product license controller configuration file (fgllicense, grelicense, or grxlicense). If you are using the Four Js License Manager (FLM), the log feature is configured in the $FLMDIR/etc/flmprofile.

For further information see Log files and debugging. You may be asked to send log files to Four Js support for further assistance with a licensing problem. For more information or assistance you can also contact your local Four Js support center for help.

Licensing for Windows®

If your Windows installation directory is the c:\Program Files path, you must run the license controller command (for example fglWrt) as administrator in order to avoid permission issues.
Important: On Windows you must run the command as administrator, it is not enough to simply have administrator permissions.