Activate license with FLM (via internet)

You activate the license by registering it directly with Four Js via the internet.

Before you begin: Internet access is required.

The license must be installed but not yet activated.

  1. Start the command line interface.
    Open a command prompt.
    • On Windows┬«, open the License Manager Workplace window from the Start menu.
    • On Linux┬«, open a command prompt. "sudo" may be required.
  2. Type flmprg -a info to get license details.
    If a message is displayed that the license is temporary, the license needs to be activated.
  3. Activate the license (auto):
    1. Type flmprg -k license-number auto
    2. At the prompt:
      Do you need to configure an HTTP proxy ? (y/n)
      Enter y if your access to the internet is through a proxy, and provide the required information for HTTP proxy and Port when prompted. Otherwise, enter n.
    The installation key is retrieved automatically from the Four Js Activation server. License installation is now completed.