Genero Studio 2.30 to 2.32 closed issues


#16186 (cur. #GST-09860) - Accurate cause of error is not shown in the error message on importing schema file

Product Genero Studio

When an error occurs while importing a schema file (.sch), error message 'mod-db3[11003]' will be displayed:
"Error importing schema file:<path_to_sch_file>".
However, the real cause of the problem is not displayed.

Can be tested in the following way:

  • Set LC_CTYPE environment variable to 'fr_FR@euro'
  • Import any schema file (.sch)
Component Database Manager
Resolution FIXED

Resolution Comment
Fixed in infoTarget GST x.yy:
fix is planned for the product GST in a next Major release
GST x.yy.zz (unreleased):
fix is planned for the product GST in the future version x.yy.zz
GST x.yy.zz:
has been fixed in the product GST version x.yy.zz
If the section is empty:
no fix planned for the moment, please contact your local support center
GST 2.30.08
Severity Minor
Last update Jun, 5, 2012
First seen Jan, 13, 2010
First seen in version GST 2.20.06
Operating System