Support Blog

Welcome to the Support Blog.

One of the characteristics of our current support model is that customers and the world wide support offices only find out about issues that relate to them.  So if customer A raises an issue with the USA support office, customer B and the Australia support office do not learn anything from it.  Our communication channels are very narrow and we don’t get to learn from each other.  This Support Blog aims to communicate from our support offices to our wider developer community and improve the knowledge base of our whole developer community so that you can be more effective Genero developers.

Posts will be split into categories.  These categories include …

Did you know ? – Where we post something to teach you something you may not already know.  This maybe based on something we ourselves learn, or perhaps we feel based on the number of support questions in a particular area, or the code samples we get in a particular area, that some information needs to be spread around our continuity.  This may include making you aware of new or existing syntax or features in Genero, features of O/S, databases, browsers etc, or making you aware of sites on our web page,

Latest Bugs – Although we try not to create any bugs, they do occur from time to time.  Sometimes it is desirable that we make you aware of them so that you can code around them if necessary whilst we work on a permanent fix.

It’s not our fault – Sometimes we discover a problem in another product such as an Operating/System, Database, or Browser.  We will publicise these here so that you are aware of them.  A recent example was a Chrome update that made ComboBoxes yellow as if they were autofilled

Maintenance Releases – Making you aware of a maintenance release

Platforms – Making you aware of the support for new platforms, recent examples Windows 10, or making you aware when support ends for older platforms, recent example Windows XP

Smile – Sometimes we come across issues that make us laugh and we just have to share.  We will also use this to give a bit of a personal touch to the support team.

There will be no fixed time schedules to posts, we will post when and where we can.

To start with, the post will come from me, Reuben BarclayDeveloper Relations Manager, but the idea is to get the various support personnel from the various world wide offices contributing.

The overall goal is to spread the knowledge around rather than having it contained in our various support offices.   The more knowledge you have, the more effective Genero developers you will be.