Genero OpenID Connect log file

The Genero OpenID Connect implementation produces a log file that helps to identify issues.

The log file of the Genero OpenID Connect Single sign-on (SSO) implementation is called OIDC.log and is located in $(res.appdata.path)/log. This log file contains all incoming and outgoing requests. It can help to debug OpenID Connect issues.

You can specify the level of detail recorded to the log with the -debug category option of the OpenID Connect server program. There are two categories that can be logged individually or together:
  • MSG - Standard information regarding access and errors. By default, only access and error information are logged.
  • DEBUG - Traces the entire process of single sign-on (SSO).
To add debugging information to the OIDC.log, modify OpenIDConnectServiceProvider.xcf to include the -debug DEBUG option as first argument in the command defined by the MODULE element:
<APPLICATION Parent="ws.default"
    <!-- ENVIRONMENT_VARIABLE entries removed for this example -->
    <MODULE>OpenIDConnectServer -logfile "$(res.appdata.path)" -debug DEBUG</MODULE>
Note: Logging is based on the Genero ERRORLOG() function. As several instances of the same OpenID Connect server can write to the log file, the PID of the server process is written to the log file as well.