Install Genero Report Engine

Follow these steps to install Genero Report Engine on Windows®, UNIX, or macOS® systems.

Before you begin

The installation and licensing of Genero products requires you to read and accept the End User License Agreement, which can be found on the Four Js website at

  • Ensure Genero Report Engine is supported for your operating system, and that you have downloaded the correct package for your operating system. For a detailed list of supported operating systems, contact your support center.
  • Java JRE 1.6 or above. It is strongly recommended to use a Sun® (Oracle) or an IBM® JVM; Open JDK and other free JVMs are not supported.
    Tip: Please check the release notes to view the most up-to-date information regarding Java JRE support.
Important: Before installation on Linux® systems, verify the libxcb libraries are installed.
  1. Download the package appropriate for your operating system.
  2. Execute the installation package to start the Setup Wizard.
    fjs-grj-version-build-osident.ext where:
    • version is the version number of the package.
    • build is the build number for the package.
    • osident identifies the operating system for the package.
    • ext is the extension of the file: .exe for Microsoft® Windows, and .run for UNIX® and Mac OS.
    Example (Microsoft Windows):
    Example (UNIX):
    Example (macOS):
  3. Follow the instructions provided on the screen.

When installation is complete, see the Genero Report Writer for Java, C#, PHP, and Swift User Guide for configuration information and instructions.