Install Genero Report Engine on UNIX platforms in silent mode

Install Genero Report Engine silently on Gnu/Linux® and UNIX™ platforms.

Important: Before installation, verify the libxcb libraries are installed on your system.

To start the installation, type the following:

./ -a -q -t install_dir

For example, to install the GRE for Solaris 10-11 on Intel® X86_64:

./ -a -q -t $PWD/fjs-grj-4.00


Table 1 shows the most common options relating to installation.

Table 1. UNIX install options
Install option Description
-a or --accept Bypass the display and the prompt for acceptance of the license agreement. Using the -a option indicates that you have read and accepted the End User License Agreement, located on the Four Js website at
-h or --help Display help about all possible options.
-q or --quiet Silent mode with no UI. If -q is not specified, the interactive installer is used.

-f backup|overwrite|remove or

--force backup|overwrite|remove

Specify what happens if the installation directory already exists:
  • backup: Back up the installation directory.
  • overwrite: Overwrite installation file.
  • remove: Delete installation directory before installing.

-t install_dir or

--target install_dir

Install the product in the specified target directory. If -t is not specified, the default installation is used.