Install Genero Report Writer on Windows in silent mode

Install Genero Report Writer on Windows® platforms using the MSI installer.

The installation and licensing of Genero products requires you to read and accept the End User License Agreement, which can be found on the Four Js website at

The msiexec utility provides the means to install, modify, and perform operations on Windows Installer from the command line. The /qn option allows you to install in silent mode. The msiexec utility expects an msi file. To be compliant with Microsoft® User Access Control (UAC) requirements, the msi file is embedded inside an exe file. To extract the msi file from the exe file, use the /x option:

fjs-gstrw-version-build-osident.exe /x

For example:

fjs-gstrw-3.20.08-build167267-w32v141.exe /x

A msi file is created in the same directory and with the same name as the exe file.


Table 1 shows the most common options for msiexec relating to installation and un-installation.

Table 1. msiexec install and uninstall options
msiexec option Description
/qn Silent mode with no UI. If /qn is not specified, the graphical installer is used.
/i package-name.msi Install the specified msi package.
/x package-name.msi Uninstall the specified msi package.
/log logfile Write processing info to the specified log file.
/l*vx logfile Provide verbose (detailed) logs in the specified log file

Enter msiexec from the command prompt to view the complete list of available options.


You can pass arguments to the msiexec installer on the command line.

Table 2. Arguments for the msiexec installer
Argument Description
PRODUCTDIR=your_gstrwdir_path Path where Genero Report Writer will be installed. It is an alias of GSTDIR.
GENEROSTUDIODIR=your_gstrwdir_path Path where Genero Report Writer will be installed. It is an alias of GSTDIR.
STARTMENUFOLDER=your_startmenufolder_path Customize the location for the shortcuts in the startmenu. For example: "fjs\gstrw"
ADDLOCAL=option Set the features to install.
  • ALL: Install Genero Report Writer and file associations
  • GSTIDE: Install Genero Report Writer (mandatory).
  • GSTFILEASSOC: Install all Genero Report Writer file associations.
  • GSTFILEASSOCSOURCEFILES: Install all Genero Report Writer source file associations.
  • GSTFILEASSOCBINARYFILES: Install all Genero Report Writer binary file associations.
  • GSTFILEASSOCWEBXMLFILES: Install all Genero Report Writer WebXML file associations.
  • GSTIDECONTEXTMENU: Install Genero Report Writer to the context menu.
  • GRE: Install the Genero Report Engine (GRE).
JAVADIR=your_jvm_path Location of the Java Virtual Machine (JVM). This option is required for the Genero Report Engine (GRE).
FORCEREMOVEPRODUCTDIR=YES On uninstall, force the removal of the PRODUCTDIR directory, even if it is not empty. For any value other than YES, keep the files in the PRODUCTDIR location. Default value: ""
Note: Quotes are only required around the argument value when a space character is in the value string.

Silent install example

This command installs Genero Report Writer 3.20.08 with all products, and sets the location of the Java Virtual Machine (JRE):

msiexec /qn /i fjs-gstrw-3.20.08-build167267-w32v141.msi /log gst.log PRODUCTDIR="c:\fjs\gstrw302008\" ADDLOCAL=ALL JAVADIR="C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.7.0_80\bin"

Silent uninstall example

This command removes Genero Report Writer 3.10.05 and removes the product directory:

msiexec /qn /x fjs-gstrw-3.10.05-build155239-alpha-w64v120.msi /log gstrw_remove.log FORCEREMOVEPRODUCTDIR=YES