License Controller options

Command line options can be used with the license controller to perform licensing functions and provide various types of license information and statistics.


grxWrt [options]
  1. options are described in Table 1. The options shown apply to all Four Js license controllers.
Table 1. License Controller (grxWrt) options
Option Description
-V or -version Displays version information.
-L license license_key [ maintenance_key ] Installs a temporary license (requires license number and license key).
Note: You can install an existing license, for example, on a new server on a temporary basis for 30 days. In that time, you validate the license with Four Js and install the Installation key (-k option) from the license validation.
--install-license-string license-string [ --auto ]

Install a license or update an installed license using the provided license string.

If --auto is provided, HTTP licensing is used (Internet connection is required).

-l license license_key [ maintenance_key ] Installs a license.
Note: To escape when prompted to enter a license number and license key, type "stop" at the prompt.
-m option Maintenance key installation, possible options are:
  • key : Install a key directly.
  • auto : The key is automatically installed (Internet connection is required).
-u Check for active users.
-k option Installation key for license validation, possible options are:
  • key : Install a key directly.
  • auto : The key is automatically installed (Internet connection is required).
-d Remove current installed license.
--decode-license-string license-string Decode the license string and write the license string information to the standard out.
--encode-license-string [ license ] [license_key] [ maintenance_key ] [login ] Encode license information into a license string that is written to the standard out.
-i Clears the list of registered user sessions.
-a option Check or view options.

Here option can be one of the following:

  • ps : Shows processes on this machine.
  • env : Shows current environment
  • cpu : Shows number of CPU in the computer.
  • hostname : Shows name of this machine.
  • info license : Shows license information.
  • info stat : Shows statistics of license server.
  • info users : Shows all registered active users.
  • info up : Shows if license server is up.
-x or -kill-session pid Clears the session referenced by the specified pid.
--batch action=command Performs the specified action in batch mode.
Here command can be one of the following:
  • target-info (Get operating system information)
  • lm-info (Get license manager information)
  • product-info (Get license controller information )
  • license-info (Get license information)
  • install-license^lnum=license_num^lkey=license_key
  • uninstall-license
  • install-mkey^mkey=maintenance_key
  • install-mkey-http^login=username^proxy=http://myproxy^proxy-port=port-number^proxy-user=proxy-user^proxy-passwd=proxy-password
  • install-ikey^ikey=installation_key
  • install-ikey-http^user=username^proxy=http://myproxy^proxy-user=proxy-user^proxy-passwd=proxy-password
    The caret character (^) is used for parsing. In Windows® the caret is also used to escape special characters so you may need to double (^^) it up in commands, for example:
    grxWrt --batch action=install-mkey^^mkey=maintenance_key
--batch-console action=command Opens grxWrt in console mode for the batch commands.
C:\grw>grxWrt --batch-console
$ action=product-info
  "product": "grxWrt",
  "version": "5.20.10",
  "wrtminver": "5.20.05",
  "build": "201906041140",
  "target": "w32v141",
  "status": 0,
  "status-msg": "Success."
The output is JSON formatted. You can enable / disable indentation on the output. The default is indented. To quit the console type exit. Type help for instructions on its use.
docker-assign [ docker-instance-name | docker-instance-id ] Assigns the license to a running docker instance.
docker-release Release a docker-assigned license.