View log information

Complete this procedure to view information about the revisions for a specified repository.

  1. Select SCM > Show Log.
  2. Enter the URL of the repository. Click the Browse repository icon to display the Repository browser.
  3. Select the desired version.
  4. Click the Fetch the revisions in the revision range icon (single blue arrow).
    The SVN Log view displays. The Revisions, Actions, Author, Date, and Messages are displayed in the log. The icons for Actions indicate the status.
  5. To limit the list of revisions displayed, open and complete the Revision log dialog.
  6. Select a specific revision to display information about that revision.
  7. The comments and actions/files associated with that revision are displayed.
    Figure: SVN Log view

    This figure is a screenshot of the SVN Log dialog with revisions displayed as a list.