Checkout files

You can checkout a project from the SCM menu or directly from the location of your new working directory.

Before you begin, you must have access to an SVN Repository that has been set up to store your versioned files. Contact your system administrator or Subversion vendor for information and documentation on the set up of Subversion and repositories.

  1. Identify the directory or directories on your local system that will contain the files you checkout from the repository.
  2. Navigate to the directory that will serve as your new working directory. If the directory does not exist, create it.
  3. Check out the files from the repository to your checkout directory. Right-click on the directory and select SCM > Checkout.
    An SVN Checkout dialog will guide you through the checkout steps and the checkout directory path will be filled in for you.

    You can also access the SVN Checkout dialog from the main menu by selecting SCM > Checkout, however you will then have to provide additional directory information.

  4. Once the files have been added to your checkout directory, you are prompted to select a project file (4pw). If one does not exist, you can create a new project and save it in the checkout directory.
    The files to be versioned must be stored in the checkout directory.
  5. Use File > New to create files and store them in the checkout directory and the project structure as needed.
  6. Any files from the checkout directory that have been added to the Project can be committed to the repository.

At this point, you can use the SCM menu commands to handle versioning for your files in the checkout directory.


Although the 4pw project file is used internally by Genero Studio, we recommend that you include it in the checkout directory and commit it to the repository to share it with other developers. Although the 4pw and .deps files are in the checkout directory, they do not have to be added to the Project Structure.