Copy working files and directories

A Subversion working copy is an ordinary directory tree on your local system, containing a collection of files. You can create another copy of your project, project files, or directories, to allow parallel development, for example.

Before you begin, you must have access to an SVN repository that has been set up to store your versioned files. Contact your system administrator or Subversion vendor for information and documentation on the set up of Subversion and repositories.

  1. Identify the working directory you wish to copy.
  2. In the Files tab, navigate to the working directory you wish to copy.
  3. Right-click on the directory and select SCM > Copy.
    The SVN copy dialog displays.

    You can also access the SVN copy dialog from the main menu by selecting SCM > Copy, however you will then have to provide additional directory information.

  4. Complete the SVN copy dialog. The From section populated for you.
  5. Copy the files.