Example 1: Use the "Users" template to create a report

Create a report using the new template.

  1. Go to File > New > Report from Template.
  2. In the Filters drop-down menu, select Users, and then select the User Name and ID template.

    If you do not see the template in this list, select Tools > Specific Setup > Reload. If the template is still not visible, check that you have set the report template directory.

    Figure: Select template example

    This figure shows the template in the New dialog box
    The New Report from Template wizard opens.
  3. In the Schema Associations tab, select the Schema Location you want to use.

    The schema data is not used in this example, but you must still select a schema location.


    You do not need to select the repetition. The trigger is required for the template to work, but is not used in this example.

  4. In the Variable tab, edit the StringUserName value to read Anne Brown and the NumericUserID to 2468
  5. Click Finish.